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Ways to Give

The 'Green Hill Cemetery Company' is a 501(c)(13) qualified non-profit cemetery under the United States Internal Revenue Service code. The tax identification number is 55- 0373082. Charitable contributions that are not made for the care of a particular lot or crypt are fully eligible for tax deduction.

Donate by mail

To make a contribution by mail, make your check or money order payable to The Green Hill Cemetery Company and send it to:

The Green Hill Cemetery Company

486 E. Burke St.

Martinsburg, WV


Tribute and memorial gifts

Gifts given in honor or memory of friends and family are meaningful ways to commemorate a special occasion or to honor friends and family. When you make a tribute gift in honor of a friend or loved one, we will send them a letter to let them know of your thoughtful donation.


The George Seibert Preservation Fund

In honor of the first Board President, we have created The George Seibert Preservation Fund to uphold his vision of Green Hill Cemetery, to obtain no profit or benefit from the purchase of the Cemetery, but to improve and repair it.

It is our mission to enhance the Cemetery's beauty and heritage. By donating to The George Seibert Preservation Fund you are providing our non-profit support to ensure we are able to maintain and begin restoration efforts that will allow us to preserve this historic cemetery for another 170+ years.

If you wish to have your contribution placed in this fund please indicate so on the 'for' section of the check or money order.

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