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For over 150 years, Green Hill has always been a place of solitude and comfort. We strive to continue these efforts for many years and generations to come. Please call the office for any further questions regarding these sections and availability 

Prices are subject to change.

Ground Opening (Cremation Only)

Monday-Friday                              $500
Saturday-Sunday                           $600

Grave Spaces Available

Premium Lot Prices*

  • 4th Avenue                             $3,200 (per grave space)

  • 6th Avenue                             $3,200 (per grave space)

  • West Circle                             $3,200 (per grave space)

Later Addition Prices

  • Spread throughout.               $1,500 (per grave space)

* Limited availability. Premium lots are part of the original Green Hill Cemetery mapping from 1854.


Burial and Lot Sales

Green Hill Cemetery offers Premium and Later Addition sections for burial lot sales. With your purchase you are also receiving an engraved headstone that measure 1' x 1.5' and includes first name, middle initial, last name, birth and death years.

4th Avenue

4th avenue offers a view of  upright monuments, including a zinc Statue of Faith. Many statues like this were taken down for the war efforts of WWII, but Faith managed to prevail and still stands to this day. On 4th Avenue, reverted into the hillside, is the brick receiving vault, possibly mid-19th century. It features iron doors with star and half-moon cut outs. These astrological signs seem unusual in a cemetery such as this and adds depth to the variety of the symbolism and art.

6th Avenue

On 6th Avenue you may run in to the original architect of Green Hill Cemetery; Mr. David H. Strother. You will also find many hand carved headstones by T.M.Turner and Kantner & Sons. This location provides a beautiful view of North Mountain, the magnificent West Virginia hillside, and the town of Martinsburg.

West Circle

The West Circle is a shady location to the west of the Mausoleum. A singular tree in the middle provides a center for the lands circular pattern.The West Circle is the last of the 3 circles able to be purchased and the only location we are allowing the purchase of half plots for cremation burials.

*See cremation lot price below.

*$1,600 for half a grave space

Later Addition

These additions are spread throughout and make it easy to catch a glimpse of the beehive shaped architecture of our historic cemetery.

We have lots around the outer rings where the hillside receiving vault can be seen, as well as the South East Circle; known as the Fairy Circle due to the circular pattern and headstones facing inward toward the center of the circle. These lots stretch across the back of the Cemetery where the tiers are well defined and the bee hive shape of the Cemetery can be appreciated. Other lots are located to the west of the Mausoleum. This location offers a shady area surrounded by nature, and a spectacular view of the Cemetery tiers.

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